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This material is based on Unicode Character Database and XML specification. It lists entities from HTML 4.01 and MathML 2 specifications. It refers to Unicode character charts.

You can browse by Scripts, Blocks, or Digits or use the search engine:

Character Entity
Decimal Hexadecimal
Name Name & Alias
  • #[0-9]+ or &#[0-9]+; always searches for the decimal, #x[0-9A-Fa-f]+ or &#x[0-9A-Fa-f]+; for the hexadecimal, and &[A-Za-z]; for the entity references (e.g.  , #xabc, Ë)
  • Some ASCII characters have row "Looks like". It lists other characters which resemble by its look this character. The selection is arbitrary and entirely subjective (e.g. "c" or "Y")
  • Name and Name & Alias searches are fulltext (limited to 300 hits) with wildcards " ? " (exactly one character) and " * " (any number of characters including zero)". Character " _ " can be used instead of space.
Character [ ϵ ] (ϵ / ϵ ) Uppercase [ Ε ] (Ε / Ε )
Name GREEK LUNATE EPSILON SYMBOL Alias straight epsilon
Block Greek and Coptic (0370.pdf) Subblock Greek symbols
Category Letter, Lowercase Script GREEK
Surf This character can be used in Surf documents,
but it cannot be used in names of elements and attributes.
Related small element of - 220A

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