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This material is based on Unicode Character Database and XML specification. It lists entities from HTML 4.01 and MathML 2 specifications. It refers to Unicode character charts.

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Character Entity
Decimal Hexadecimal
Name Name & Alias
  • #[0-9]+ or &#[0-9]+; always searches for the decimal, #x[0-9A-Fa-f]+ or &#x[0-9A-Fa-f]+; for the hexadecimal, and &[A-Za-z]; for the entity references (e.g.  , #xabc, Ë)
  • Some ASCII characters have row "Looks like" . It lists other characters which resemble by its look this character. The selection is arbitrary and entirely subjective (e.g. "c" or "Y")
  • Name and Name & Alias searches are fulltext (limited to 300 hits) with wildcards " ? " (exactly one character) and " * " (any number of characters including zero)". Character " _ " can be used instead of space.
Character [ ͺ ] (ͺ / ͺ )
Name GREEK YPOGEGRAMMENI Alias iota subscript
Block Greek and Coptic (0370.pdf) Subblock Based on ISO 8859-7
Category Letter, Modifier Script GREEK
Surf This character can be used in Surf documents,
but it cannot be used in names of elements and attributes.
Related combining greek ypogegrammeni - 0345

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